Our Team

At Valenza Engineering, people come first. Our team includes experienced hydrogeologists, groundwater modellers, water and hydraulic engineers. As the company grows, we are committed to attracting, developing and retaining the right people who are highly competent, live the company’s values and actively contribute to our long-term success.

Valenza Engineering personnel are members of internationally recognised professional organisations, e.g. IAH, International Association of Hydrogeologist. Principal personnel have between 20 and 30 years experience and are Chartered Professionals from Engineers Australia and Overseas Engineering bodies.

Alexis Valenza Managing Director, Principal Groundwater Engineer

Alexis Valenza has a Master of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology from the University of Montpellier, France. He has worked since 1995 with international mining and hydrogeological consulting firms on large environmental, geotechnical and infrastructure projects – including tunneling and underground dewatering – in Europe, Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia. With a broad base of expertise, Alexis thrives on the challenges that come with untangling complex problems. He is dedicated to delivering innovative problem solving and high level technical precision to clients who appreciate his holistic approach to water management. In 2011, Alexis launched Valenza Engineering, a Melbourne-based consultancy providing tech­nical and advisory services to the mining, construction, water resource and contaminated land industries, in groundwater and related environmental science.


Dr Sanjeeva Manamperi Senior Hydrogeologist

Sanjeeva has a PhD in Environmental Earth Science from Latrobe University, Melbourne. He has worked since 1997 with water research organizations, international hydrogeological consulting firms on large mining, environmental and water management projects, government and non-governmental organisations on regional environmental assessments and numerical groundwater modelling projects in Australasia region. As a highly motivated professional with analytical, planning and implementation aptitude, Sanjeeva uses his knowledge and experience to solve complex problems and derive durable and positive solutions to those problems in the fields of hydrogeology, geology, environmental geochemistry, water quality and geophysics (in particular, electrical resistivity).

Joshua O'Connor Field Hydrogeologist

As an environmental engineer and junior hydrogeologist, Joshua is experienced in managing and reporting on groundwater investigations in the mining and contaminated land sectors. Joshua has a Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental Engineering) (Honours) and is a member of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) and Engineers Australia. Joshua’s professional experience was gained from undertaking, organising and reporting on groundwater investigations across the water resource, mining and contaminated land sectors. Joshua is confident in GIS, data analysis; as well as water well drilling, geological logging, pump testing, groundwater quality sampling and instrumentation.

Dr Mohammad N Cheema Principal Hydrologist, Hydraulic Engineer

Dr Cheema has more than 35 years’ experience in hydraulics, hydrology, drainage, river engineering and water sensitive urban design, having worked on a variety of water resource and infrastructure projects in Australia, the United States and many developing countries. His expertise includes hydraulics, hydrology and water resources, as well as environmental aspects of development, river engineering and drainage engineering.

Dr Kevin Hayley Senior Groundwater Modeller

Kevin Hayley is a Geophysicist/Hydrogeologist with 14 years of experience in using geophysical methods for environmental monitoring and mineral exploration, and in the construction and calibration of numerical models of groundwater flow and contaminant transport.

He received his PhD from the University of Calgary in 2010 where he conducted research into monitoring salt impacted soil using time lapse geophysics. He has strengths in numerical methods, inverse problems and uncertainty analysis.

Recent project experience over the past 5 years has involved developing methods and software for highly parallelized groundwater model calibration and predictive uncertainty quantification using cloud computing.

Peter Gribbin (New Zealand Office) Senior Principal Hydrogeologist

Peter has more than 30 years’ experience as a Chartered Geologist, and an Engineering and Environmental Consultant within the mining, civil engineering and environmental sectors. From the mining industry to environmental regulation, Peter has developed vast expertise in the fields of mineral exploration, mining engineering, geotechnics and hydrogeology, wor-king and supporting projects in Africa, Asia, Australia, NZ and the UK. For the past 12 years, Peter has consulted on mining, major infrastructure, land development and water resource projects in the UK and Australasia-Pacific region. His diversity of experience enables him to apply many strands of geoscience in an integrated manner – presenting whole solutions and remaining a specialist across key areas.

Dr Attila Kovacs (Hungary Office) Senior Groundwater Modeller

Dr Kovacs is a specialist in groundwater modelling and an internationally regarded and widely published expert in the field of karst and fractured rock hydrogeology. Awarded a PhD from the Hydrogeology Centre, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland, Dr Kovacs has worked at the Water Resources Research Institute of Hungary and the Geothermal Institute of Auckland University, New Zealand. As a technical expert and senior project manager globally since 2005, he brings experience in water resources protection, nuclear waste disposal, contaminated site assessment and remediation, mining, Coal Seam Gas, geothermal and geotechnical projects. Dr Kovacs is adept in applying large variety of modelling software, including Feflow, Visual Modflow, Groundwater Vistas, GMS, TOUGH2 and compflow for modelling porous, fractured and karstic groundwater and multiphase systems.

Keith Lewis Data Analyst

Keith is a junior hydrogeologist who specializes in GIS, data management, and statistical analysis complimented by fieldwork in the mining and contaminated land sectors.

Keith has gained experience performing QA/QC, data manipulation and statistical analysis on large datasets using custom code on a range of hydrogeological projects. This includes developing the ability to translate statistical analysis of data into digestible geospatial representations through his GIS skills. Additionally, he

has been involved in implementing database management processes helping to

improve data dissemination on various projects.

Keith has also gained fieldwork experience from regular groundwater monitoring and sampling along with associated data collation and report writing.

Silvia Serra Project Management Coordinator

Silvia is the project management coordinator. She has had a diverse field of experiences and assist the team on the day to day tasks the best way possible.

Anamaria Ardila Project Engineer


Devmi Kurukulasuriya Hydrochemist

As an environmental scientist and junior hydrogeologist, Devmi has experience in managing and reporting on surface and groundwater impact assessments in the mining and contaminated land sectors. Her expertise lies in applications of conventional and advanced environmental water tracer in surface and groundwater interactions and geochemical modelling. In addition, she has experience in soil gas sampling and monitoring, hydraulic testing, environmental impact assessment, GIS modelling, and Ecotoxicology studies. She has developed her skills in project management, liaising with clients, reporting and data analysis. Devmi has desktop analysis skills in using QGIS, ArcGIS, and geochemical modelling software such as TracerLPM, PHREEQC and AQUACHEM to support her roles

Joseph Reivers Environmental Engineer

Joseph specializes in environmental consulting projects