Mineral Resources Hydrogeology – BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)
Bowen Basin, Queensland

BMA is Australia’s largest producer of metallurgical coal, operating seven mines in the Bowen Basin. The Water Standoff Project investigated a number of locations where coal mines were experiencing similar hydrogeological issues. Water seepage was impacting wall stability and spoil stockpile stability. This required an assessment of the ways drains, water storage, and nearby creeks were impacting each of the sites.

Core logging

Valenza Engineering, working with Mining One, advised on a complex series of projects to manage mining spoil storage and water issues.

We planned and conducted detailed site investigations to determine hydraulic conductivity, interactions between groundwater and surface water storages, developing detailed understandings of the site characteristics. We used the results of our testing to develop numerical seepage models and further assess the hydrogeology and simulate groundwater conditions. The models were used to explore options for the site management and develop guidelines for safe operation.

Our understanding of the hydrogeology informed geotechnical assessments and management recommendations to improve slope stability and minimise risk.