Construction and Infrastructure – CPB/UGL & Melbourne Water
Werribee, Victoria

Aquifer testing – assessing the dewatering response.

Valenza Engineering worked with CPB Contractors/UGL for the Melbourne Water Corporation to assist with the augmentation of the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee; installing four wastewater clarifying tanks and related equipment. As the tanks were to be installed partly below the ground, the project required temporary dewatering during the construction phase, to reduce groundwater levels by four metres at the site. Later stages of the project would see continued dewatering at a reduced rate with a permanent system.

The project was situated in the Werribee Delta, one of the most challenging groundwater management areas in Australia due to its complex connections to deeper aquifers and tidal influences.

Valenza Engineering reviewed the geotechnical investigation reports and groundwater assessments, and existing functional designs. Our modelling team developed models to analyse the dewatering design and identified opportunities to improve the project’s functionality, cost and timing, and limit engineering risk.

Dewatering model developed to assess the impact on pore water pressure, head distribution and pressure head distribution.



Valenza Engineering saw the project through concept study, impact modelling and construction phases. Consequently, our design allowed our client to better integrate the dewatering systems with the work schedule and permanent design staged construction.