Water Supply – The Barro Group
Wyndham, Victoria

Stainless steel screen

The Barro Group’s Wyndham Vale Quarry increased their water requirements when they expanded production capacity. At the commencement of our work 80% of the quarry’s water needs were being supplied by trucked in water, an expensive process. Valenza Engineering worked with Nolan Consulting and the Barro Group to complete a groundwater appraisal campaign at the site.

We conducted a hydrogeological assessment for the take and use licence application in accordance with Southern Rural Water’s guidelines.

This involved a desktop study assessing the available geological and hydrogeological information and developing a conceptual hydrogeological model. The assessment showed that the existing bore would not support the increased water supply.

Drilling the new well

We then oversaw the drilling and testing of a new supply bore down to 300m, analysed potential impacts of the proposed water use on the surrounding environment and nearby users.

The bore was successfully tested and approved with a sustainable bore yield of 20L/s.