We conduct monitoring and compliance reporting for a range of clients across the resource, mining, waste management and construction sectors. From concept study, to site investigation and numerical modelling, we provide our clients with smart water quality assessment to a range of complex projects. We have been working with monitoring projects for several years, providing high level input and analysis tailored to phasing, risk and complexity of contamination. Familiar with a large range of remediation methods, we advise on the most appropriate systems, conduct conceptual and numerical modelling and analyse the performance during the operational phase. We engage with our clients, the regulators, stakeholders and con┬Čtractors to constraints to determine optimum phasing for the works. We advise our clients when a program can be scaled down or needs modification. We assess the risk of migration of contaminants within the impacted area, develop the relevant field monitoring programs and provide field services includ-ing monitoring, sampling and testing.